WWE Rumor Roundup: WWE Clash Of Champions Main Event Revealed? and more!

For the year 2017, only one pay-per-view event has remained and that is WWE Clash of Champions Event. This is SmackDown Live’s Exclusive pay-per-view event and is scheduled for December at Boston’s TD Garden. WWE Rumor Roundup reported that the main event for the Clash of Champions has been leaked already. So in this article, we will discuss the same in deep.

WWE Rumor Roundup – Clash Of Champions Main Event Revealed?

Jinder Mahal has a rematch left for the WWE Championship in his pocket against Aj Styles. The Phenomenal One has won the WWE Title from the Jinder Mahal just a week before the WWE Survivor Series 2017 Event in Manchester, England. And cause the Jinder Mahal a big match of his life against Brock Lesnar.

So according to WWE Rumor Roundup, this rematch will be featured as the main event for the Clash of Champions PPV. Earlier it was expected that Jinder Mahal will get his rematch on 21st November as per WWE Rumor Roundup. Because in a promo at WWE Survivor Series 2017 event, he said that he want Aj Styles to win from Brock Lesnar. But he also wants that Brock Lesnar will beat the hell out of Aj Styles. So that it became easy for Jinder Mahal to recapture the WWE Title from Styles at Tuesday Night Smackdown Live after two days of Survivor Series PPV. But that not happened at SmackDown Live last night.

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According to the WWE Rumor Roundup, WWE wants to send Jinder Mahal as the WWE Champion to the India Tour. So that they can attract the Indian Audience. For this, WWE is planning to give back the WWE Title to Jinder Mahal before the WWE India Tour 2017. On next week Jinder Mahal can win his rematch against Aj STyles and will go to India as the WWE Champion as per WWE Rumor Roundup.

Smackdown Live is also featuring Jinder Mahal vs. Aj Styles for the Clash Of Champions Main Event. So after the success of WWE India Tour, Jinder Mahal will have to defend his WWE Title in a rematch against Aj Styles. And according to the WWE Rumor Roundup, Aj Styles will win the Title from Jinder Mahal and after that, he will end the Mahal’s WWE Title reign.

The Bottom Line is that Jinder Mahal vs. Aj Styles is all set for the WWE Clash Of Champions Main Event

Another WWE Rumor Roundup for the day

It seems like Triple H came back to the WWE Ring with the potential two big feuds. HHH will face Kurt Angle at WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Event. And then Braun Strowman at WWE WrestleMania 34 as per WWE Rumor Roundup. WWE Survivor Series 2017 main event has become the foundation of these two matches.

Important Note: These are just Rumors, Don’t take them much seriously. This Rumor Roundup is not confirmed as a legitimate fact or news. So take them with a grain of salt.

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