WWE Rumor Roundup: Hell in a Cell plans, Luke Harper, The Colons return, more!

Next pay-per-view of SmackDown Live is Hell In A Cell. That will be going to be held in October after Raw’s exclusive PPV No Mercy. And here are some latest WWE Rumors speculated. We made a WWE Rumor Roundup based on those WWE Rumors and that is as below:

WWE Rumor Roundup For The Day:

  • As per this WWE Rumor Roundup, WWE plans are to be fixed a Tag Team match in the Hell In A Cell. Where The New Day will defend their Title against The USOS.
  • In the Fashion Files Investigation, Erick Rowan and the Luke Harper will be out as a team, but this may have been dropped as per Latest WWE Rumors.
  • As per WWE Rumor Roundup, Ryan Satin noted that he has heard Harper and maybe getting repackaged.
  • And one of the interesting WWE Rumor is this that we can see the return of The Colons soon on Television as per Rumor Roundup
  • Next Month, Will Ospreay may be returning to the Ring of Honor as per WWE Rumor Roundup.


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Some Other WWE Rumors

  • As per WWE Rumors, there were some other plans about the Mr. McMahon vs. Kevin Owens arguments earlier. That Stephine McMahon will come and clean the blood from Mr. McMahon’s head. But suddenly they changed their minds.
  • In a match at Hawaii, Kofi Kingston has suffered a minor injury last week. But he does not go to miss any match at WWE any time as per WWE Rumor Roundup.
  • Who will face the Natalya for the next Women’s Championship reign? WWE Rumor Roundup give the answer for that also. The next names come for the SmackDown’s Championship reign are Charlotte and Becky Lynch.
  • According to the WWE Rumor Roundup, On the return of the Goldberg, there will be a WWE 24 documentary.
  • Davey Richards, due to the knee surgery, is going to cancel the rest of his bookings of 2017.

Important Note: This WWE Rumor Roundup is just based on lates WWE Rumors speculated among the pro wrestling Rumor mill of WWE. Thus These not have any legitimate fact and not confirmed by any official. So take this Rumor Roundup with a grain of salt.

If you also have heard of some interesting and latest WWE Rumors then share them with us. We will suerly add them in our next WWE Rumor Roundup.