Rumor Roundup: John Cena on Raw, Money in the Bank cash-ins, more!

Only six days left for one of the most popular paper view events of Summer – WWE SummerSlam 2017. And Rumor Roundup of SummerSlam 2017 matches is very much interesting. WWE has been surrounded with various wrestling rumors. Thus this becomes the favored pastime of many wrestling fans. Although Rumor Roundup is the second one, first one is only watching the WWE matches. So here, in this article, we look at the latest Rumor Roundup by the pro wrestling rumor mill.

Rumor Roundup for the Day:

  • There is a belief about John Cena that, As John Cena is a “Free Agent”, Thus we may watch him at Monday Night Raw after the WWE SummerSlam 2017 Paper View Event.

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  • All the fans think that, It is Baron Corbin, who will cash-in his Money In The Bank Contract. But according to the Rumor Roundup, Charmella has much more chances than Corbin to cash-in her contract.
  • There are also the expectations of the John Morrison to debut with the GFW soon.
  • Recently, Angelina Love announced that she has parted ways with the GFW.
  • There are some rumors that Asuka is dealing with some injury. But as per Rumor Roundups, It is not expected that Asuka will miss any time.

Important Note: These are just Rumors, Don’t take them much seriously. This Rumor Roundup is not confirmed as a legitimate fact or news. So take them with a grain of salt.

If you also have some latest and interesting WWE Rumors and you want us to add them in our next article. Then share those rumors in the comment section below. We will update them in our next post with your credit. Important Reminder: Just remember that this Rumor Roundup is not confirmed by officials, so do not take them much seriously. And have fun with them.

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