From the WWE Rumor Mill: Backstage heat on Enzo and Cass; Roman Reigns kicked Enzo off their tour bus

What’s the story?

“Enzo Amore has witnessed a lot of heat at this moment from the locker room, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. WWE Rumor Mill says, Even he has also kicked off the WWE tour bus recently.
WWE Rumor

 If you didn’t know…

Enzo Amore was the part of a tag-team partnering with Bigg Case. And this team was very loveable tag team among the WWE Universe. These two wrestlers had a long relationship in their real life. They met each other when they were teenagers. And after a three-year spell at NXT,
this duo became famous as the main roster in 2016.
This partnership was hugely popular among the WWE Universe. But unfortunately broke down this year. When a mystery man was attacking the and later that person is turned out to be Big Cass, his partner. After this, the two face each other at the Great Balls of Fire Paper view event one-on-one. In that event, Case crusher the Enzo Amore.

The heart of the matter

According to the news by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Enzo’s fellow wrestlers shunned him in the locker room. However, the report doesn’t mention the reason. As per the report, Roman Reigns removed Enzo Amore from the tour bus. “The Michael Jordan of Jargon” was not let in the locker room too.
It was also mentioned in the report that Enzo Amore is also not happy with the breakup of the tag team with Big Cass. However, Cass was not so much famous in the WWE locker room. He is also facing some heat in the locker room because of his political views. As supposedly he is a vocal supporter of the President Mr. Donald Trump.

What is next?

Cass revealed that he is not interesting to fight with Enzo Amore as he was his past in the latest episode of Raw talk. But if  Enzo wants to do so, then he is also ready to face him. And he also gives a sign of his next target, he said he wants to face the Universal Champion – Brock Lesnar. However, it is not clear that who will feud Enzo Amore in the future and what will happen to him.

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  • I reckon the way that big cass is treating his former best friend and the one that calls him his brother is really shocking