The war of words continues between women’s batemweight champion Ronda Rousey and Chris cyborg. This week in a media lunch in to promote UFC175 when asked about a potential fight with chis cyborg the champ had some choice words to say about Cyborg. She said: “if cyborg wants to get her ass beat she knows where I’m at”
You can check out what else she had to say about the potential fight here via Pro MMA  Now

You guys may recall that cyborg left the UFC only 24 hours after they announced random out of completion drug testing. Cyborg even tested positive for steroid usage when she was in strikeforce. Cyborg has also said it could be potentially life threatening for her to drop from 145 to 135.

Now let me just say this if its soooo dangerous why does she keep running her mouth about Rousey.. Even to an extent where she called herself a horse tamer and wore a shirt that said “Ronda Rousey is my bitch”

Love Rousey or hate her it doesn’t change the fact that she’s the champion! She shouldn’t have to move up in a weight class for ANYONE. If cyborg truly wants Rousey she should be the one making the effort and stop making excuses.

Rousey is set to defend her title against Alexis Davis this Saturday on July 5th at UFC 175 against well rounded challenger and veteran Alexis Davis. As far as cyborg goes she currently has a contract with Invicta FC and with the recent deal that invicta landed with UFC fight pass one can assume its only a matter of time before we see cyborg in the octagon again.

What do you guys think? Is this still a fight you’re interested in or are you over this war of words?

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)