Trevor’s Perspective: Wrestling Fans, Let’s Get Ready For Our Superbowl

As America gets ready to celebrate what might as well be considered a national holiday (Superbowl Sunday) I thought it was important to remind us all just how important Wrestlemania is to professional wrestling just as the Superbowl is important to football fans.

Wrestlemania at least for me has always brought the same feeling and sense of excitement as the Superbowl does to fans of football.  The only thing that could make Wrestlemania even better would be if wrestlers from multiple promotions were to face each other much like football teams.  That’s just wishful thinking on my part of course. In reality, World Wrestling Entertainment dominates the industry and as of right now there are no promotions even on the same level as the well-oiled machine that is the WWE.  However, even though Wrestlemania features stars from one single promotion the event itself bursts with the bells and whistles right up there with “the big game”.

In all honesty, I have grown increasingly frustrated with what seems to be the lack of mainstream coverage of mania over the years compared to it’s earlier days (statistically speaking). The whole concept of Wrestlemania in the first place was to create that Superbowl feeling that brings football fans together every year. Wrestling fans are just as devoted as those of any professional sport. The truth is we DESERVE to have our own Superbowl.

I’m hoping that the fact that this year marks the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania has me hoping for some big surprises and shockers especially to increase the mainstream media’s interest in the WWE’s biggest event of the year or in pro wrestling for that matter.This year with the launch of the WWE Network fans have the chance to watch Wrestlemania on any platform they choose at no additional charges to your already subscribed to the WWE Network.

Enjoy Superbowl Sunday and don’t forget Wrestlemania Sunday is on April 6th!